The team

We’re a family business, and we love it that way.

Sam’s in charge of the IT aspects and smart computer things,

Marion takes care of the content and answers to your questions when you email us,

Her sister Elyne and her boyfriend Valentin design the cute frogs and drawings in the app, and make all the marketing content.

Want to contact us ?

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How it all started

It all started in Guatemala, where Sam, Aussie traveler on a round-the-world trip, met Marion, French girl who was also traveling around. They quickly decided to continue their journey together, and 6 months later Marion moved in Sydney and starting teaching French at the Alliance Française. In the meantime, Sam got back to programming, and started taking classes to learn French, as he’d have to communicate in French with Marion’s family at some point.

Sam & Marion share a passion for language : teaching them, learning them, speaking them. Not long after starting teaching – for Marion – and learning – for Sam, they both came to the conclusion that there can be a lot of frustration in language learning, because you can’t remember easily everything you learn as you learn it, it’s too much information at once. And it’s one thing to understand a sentence, it’s another to produce it!

So they thought about their experience as language learners and learning environment they’d experimented so far: full immersion, language schools, applications, books…  They all have their pros and cons of course, and none of them is absolutely perfect. Face to face teaching is definitely a very efficient way to learn a language, because it puts the learner in a situation of communication and interaction, which is what language is for. But for French learners in Sydney, the French experience stops at the door of the classroom: outside of class, there is no exposure to French.

Learning in a language school isn’t enough

After Marion started teaching in Sydney in 2014, she soon realized that students sometimes loose confidence and are disappointed for not progressing as fast as they thought, or as well as they intended to. In most cases no one is to blame : learning a language is not magic, it requires regular practice, and there’s only so much teachers can do to make this happen.

Of course, there are many options out there to complement a language course: books, movies, French websites, online grammar, e-learning apps like Duolingo… But none of them is adapted to your exact level of French.

There was nothing that could easily make you practise exactly what you needed to practise.

Marion and Sam started thinking about how we could improve the learning experience for students, increase their motivation and self-confidence, and most of it make sure that they achieve their main goal : get fluent in speaking French. They soon came to the conclusion that what was missing from group classes is what happens, or rather should happen outside of the class.

We all know that to learn a language efficiently you need regular practice. Most students go to class once or twice a week. Some also practice at home about once a week. But in order for their French to be building up, they would need to practice more often, in smaller doses.

So we looked for a solution allowing targeted practise available anytime, anywhere. And we thought about a system giving students the opportunity to practise their French when they want outside of class, on content that is exactly right for them, not too hard, not too easy. Our app is tailored to each class and each student, so that your practice outside of class is as efficient and productive as possible. 

Et voilà, Get Fluent was born.