The full story of how Get Fluent is going to help you speak French

Learning a language is like exercising: short and regular practice sessions are much more efficient than one long session every fortnight, because just like your muscles, it’s repeated use over time that builds real strength.


Long story short, you will remember your French much better and get much more fluent if you practise with Get Fluent 5 minutes per day instead of 1 hour once a fortnight (or instead of no practice at all, but you knew that already).


It’s also easier to fit into your schedule: you don’t have to allocate a large chunk of time to practise your French, you just need to find 5 minutes during your day to use Get Fluent. Commit to it for two weeks and the habit will build itself in no time.

Optimize your training

Our goal at Get Fluent is right there in the name: to help you build fluency with your French. That means we’re trying to reinforce your familiarity and comfort with French — that sense of ease when it all starts to come naturally. As you learn new things, you need to see them multiple times to get that familiarity and comfort.

To do that as efficiently as possible, Get Fluent uses what’s called a Spaced Repetition System, or SRS, to decide what cards to show you. When you first learn some particular concept in class, Get Fluent will start showing you cards about that concept straight away, and it’ll show you that concept quite a bit, to strengthen the memory of what you’ve just learned. Over time, as it becomes clear that your fluency with that concept is now pretty solid, you’ll be shown it less and less frequently. This lets you focus on strengthening the stuff that hasn’t quite settled in your brain yet — but with enough revision of older material to make sure you don’t forget your hard-earned mastery of previous lessons!

Capture d'écran 2016-04-16 14.04.45
How spaced repetition improves recall (from Wired)

We’ve designed Get Fluent so that a single session takes around 5 to 10 minutes, and we believe that it will make a real difference to your French if you use it just once a day (of course, if you use it more than once a day, even better!).

It’s just a matter of finding the best time to practise: in the bus, during a break from work, while waiting for your kids in the car, even on the toilet — there has to be a moment in your day where you have time to use Get Fluent!

Keep learning new things

On top of « old » exercises that you will see several times — because we want you to remember their grammatical rule or phonetic logic, new exercises are released into your app after each lesson, for you to be able to practise what you’ve just learned a couple of hours your class.

That’s an excellent way to show off in front of your classmates during the following class, showing them you well how well you understood the new rules!