How does it work?

Answer a question

You will see a large range of exercise types throughout your practice on Get Fluent. That’s good, it’ll make it more likely that you remember things whatever their context is, and not just in the one example you saw in class.

The entire app is in French, for an optimal learning. It’s been designed to be very simple and intuitive to use: the instructions are on top of the cards, the question is under the instructions, and the answer (multiple choices or type-in box) are at the bottom.

Enter your answer, and you’ll immediately see a happy frog or a sad frog, depending on whether your answer is correct or not. You can then choose to try to answer again, or see the answer. 

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Skip a card

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If you don’t want to answer a card, or if it doesn’t work when you enter the right answer – even if typing exactly the same answer as shown -, you can always choose to skip the card.

Tap or click on the Options icon on the top right hand corner of the card (the little circle with 3 vertical dots), and select « Passer cette carte » from the menu to go to the next question.

If your screen is frozen and you can’t select any option, refresh the page to start a new session.

Manage audio

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Get Fluent is full of audio exercises, for you to be able to practise your comprehension as much as possible outside of class.

If you cannot or don’t want to have audio exercises for a session, you can disable audio by clicking on the sound icon on the top right hand icon of the Welcome screen.

You can also disable audio in the middle of a session by selecting « Désactiver audio » on the Options menu of any flashcard.