Who can use Get Fluent?

Get Fluent is currently available to students in complement of their course in the following schools: 

If Get Fluent is included in your course, you’ll automatically have access to the content matching the course you’re attending in your language school.

If Get Fluent is optional in your language school, you can purchase the Get Fluent exercise package matching your course when or after you’ve enrolled for a French course, to have access to dozens of exercises helping you practise, remember and familiarize yourself with the content seen in class.

New content is released after each class you attend in your learning center, during the entire session, and stays on your account forever, so that you even if you take a break and don’t study French for a while, it’s all there when you decide to get back to it.

Revision packages for Intermediate and Advanced students

Many students who decide to take a French course already have some knowledge of French, and decide to join a course at a non-beginner level, because their level of comprehension is intermediate or even advanced. For those students,  in addition to offering content matching your current course, we also offer Revision packages.

A Revision package includes dozens of exercises matching a specific level, and is available for purchase to any non-beginner student. It is very useful for students ho haven’t been exposed to French in a while, feel a bit rusty and want to brush up their basic and remember the content and grammar that they should know at the level they’re in.

For example, a student enrolled an intermediate class might be in the right level regarding their comprehension and production, but may find it difficult to remember numbers, alphabet or how to use past tense in French. This won’t be covered in class because it is knowledge that should be mastered at this level. To catch up with and practise these forgotten concepts, students can decide to purchase either the previous levels of the Standard courses, or specific revision levels.

Click here for the list of content for Revision Levels

 How do I use Get Fluent?

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Our Getting started page will help you setting up your account on your devices and navigate through the app.

If you have any questions or problems, our FAQ page might have the answers that you’re looking for.