What is Get Fluent?


Capture d'écran 2018-06-15 17.19.22Get Fluent has been developed for students who already attend a group class in a language center and want to get the most of their learning, gain fluency and be able to successfully use concepts and vocabulary that they have studied in class in various situations

It is offered in addition to your course, and gives you the opportunity to practise on the material covered during your group lessons. New material is released to the app after each lesson, which gives you dozens of extra exercises to complement your course, accessible anywhere, anytime.

Personalized content for each group

Capture d'écran 2016-05-29 20.26.43Get Fluent gives you access to a dozens of new exercises synched with your classes throughout your entire course in your language school. 

The content is entirely personalized to your class: your teacher decides what exercises will be released for your group, and when. Teachers also have access to your performance results, they can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and make suggestions about how you can improve your learning.

Large variety of exercises adapted to your level


Our exercise library matches the book you use in class: they level of difficulty is perfectly adapted to your accurate level. It’s not too easy, nor too hard.

The Get Fluent library includes more than 10.000 flashcard-type questions testing your lexical, grammatical and phonetic skills, including over a thousand audio tracks.

Fun and easy to use

grenouilles-contente-et-tristeOur website is available for Smartphones, tablets or computers.
The app is entirely in French, for a full immersion. The instructions are easy to understand, and the navigation through the app is very simple. You have immediate feedback over your results, thanks to easily recognizable visuals.


Why should I use Get Fluent if I’m already taking classes?

Understanding the rules and mechanics of a language is a first step towards speaking it, and that’s what you’ll get in your group class.Combining that with regular and repetitive exposure and practice is going to get you to remember these rules and use them instinctively, just like you did when you learned speaking English.

Exercise on useful content
The material presented follow the content and rhythm of your class: your practice sessions are entirely synched with your group. New content is available after each lesson, and is combined with revision material.

Build your fluency
Each question is presented to you several times, until you remember its content and can use it instinctively rather than through an active process.

Train your ear
Your current exposure to French prononciation and phonetics is limited to what you hear in class. Get Fluent has a large selection of audio exercises to train your ear with real spoken French outside of class.

Use it anywhere, anytime
No book, no paper, no pen: no excuse! Practise on your smartphone or tablet when you’re on the bus, having lunch, waiting for your coffee or even in a boring meeting.

Check out our video for more information!

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