Teacher’s tools

Our teacher’s interface features a set of functionalities that are easy to use and can be very useful for the teacher to help students practise what they need to revise and to assess their individual levels quickly.

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  • Each class has its own exercise calendar, with the list of exercises that will be released after each class.
  • The Standard calendar follows the average progression of teachers for a session.
  • Each calendar is editable by teachers at anytime.

Exercise library

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  • Hundreds of exercises, featuring thousands of flashcards.
  • A great variety of exercises: multiple choice, fill the blank, put in order, etc.
  • Many audio exercises and images
  • Possibility to create new exercises

Group and individual statistics

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  • Group statistics
    • to follow the results and progress of your entire class
    • helps assessing if a concept has been understood by a group, or if a revision is necessary
  • Individual statistics
    • Per week, per student
    • Helps identiying a student’s individual difficulties and help him work of them specifically


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