Why Get Fluent is unique

We have developed Get Fluent specifically for students who attend a course in a language school, a language center or a high school.

Unlike other apps available on the market, our goal isn’t to teach students anything, but to reinforce what they’ve seen in class, familiarize them with using it and build fluency from repetitive practice. 

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If students have enrolled in a group class, we believe that what they should learn during this course should be coming from their teacher, and no-one else. In fact, multiply their learning sources might confuse them and be counterproductive, because students will get too much information at once, not remember any/all of it and loose confidence.

Get Fluent is an excellent way for students to practise what they really need to practise when they’re not in class. The exercises available are synched with the content studied in class, at a pace that follows the rhythm of the class.

It’s also an excellent tool for teachers to keep track of their students’ progress and results, through the Teacher’s interface. It gives students extra practice without overloading teachers with more homework to correct, and enables teachers to quickly see before each class if students have understood the previous content or not, and to adapt its next lesson with revisions if necessary.

What makes us perfect for you

  • It’s personalized on every level:
    – to your school: what’s released in the app matches the book and pace of your courses.
    – to each class: teachers can personalize the exercise calendar to their class’s rhythm and level, and assess their students progress.
    – to each student: the algorithm takes into account the student’s individual answers when deciding what they should practice next time – every student has an individual set of cards every time they open the app.


  • We’re helping your school getting more students

Get Fluent is helping students getting the most of their course, which can only make them more satisfied with your school. Satisfied students will more likely re-enrol, they’ll recommend your school, and even if they take a break, they can keep practising on Get Fluent and come back without having forgotten everything they’ve learned before.


  • We know our stuff
    Get Fluent is run by a native French teacher (Marion) who used to work in the language school tourism industry and an Australian developer (Sam) who’s also a French student at the Alliance Française. We’ve been developing our app with the support of the AF Sydney, we’ve tested it on hundreds of students and we’ve improved it to match the specific needs and requirements of language schools students. We know it works, and students AND teachers are happy using it!


  • We’re flexible
    We’re a small and relatively new business, and that makes us extra motivated and very flexible. If you have special requirements, if you want to add new features, if you need special attention, we’d be happy to design a personalized interface for you.

Interested? Contact us!

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