From students

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« Thank you for this App. It’s great for reinforcing what we do in class, and practicing those important things/rules/exceptions! I’m an avid user of DuoLingo, but it doesn’t necessarily tie in with our lessons, and crosses over topics we’ve done/not done at our level. So GetFluent is great for me! Keep up the good work! 🙂 »
— Kathy, A2 student —

« I think the app is fantastic and very convenient. I use it pretty much every day. »
— Martha, A2 student —

« Thank you so much for getting me connected. Wonderful web site. I have had so much fun doing the exercises. »
— Mary, A1 student —

« Merci, merci merci pour Get Fluent! J’adore ces devoirs! Nous sommes très chanceux! »
— Amanda, A2 student —

« I find your app has been helpful for me – practicing what we are doing in class and being able to use it while I am on the train.  It’s really easy on the iPhone.  I also like that there is nothing in English!  It forces me to use French! »
— Jade, A1 student —

« We were just remarking before class yesterday morning that the problem with all the language websites was that they were not specific to our lessons and exercise book and now, problem solved! It is a great concept. I’ve tried the app this morning on my computer. It was very simple to use and working well and exactly related to our last lesson. »
— Alistair, A2 student —

« Your app is great to use while I travel on the train or just want to practise my French fast!! »
— Katrina, A1 student

« Overall it was huge fun and I love the frog in training. I look forward to using this app some more! »
— Nola, A2 student

From teachers

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« Get Fluent is a clear, simple and intuitive app, for students as much as for me. The exercise calendar is pre-organized, it is very quick and a few clicks are enough to edit it if necessary. I’ve been able to notice that student who regularly use Get Fluent feel much more comfortable in class and get familiar with new grammatical and lexical concepts faster. I’m entirely satisfied! »
— Sophie, French teacher at AF Sydney

« All students who have been using Get Fluent only have to say good things about it. In class, especially for low levels students, we can easily identify which students are using the app regularly: they build the automatism necessary to use a concept recently studied much faster. On the teacher’s side, it only takes a few minutes per week to personalise the calendar to the rhythm of the class. It’s easy to use and we feel the benefits in class very quickly! »
— Margaux, French teacher at AF Sydney