Get Fluent has been developed for students who already attend a group class in a language center and want to get the most of their learning, gain fluency and be able to successfully use concepts and vocabulary that they have studied in class in various situations.

It is offered in addition to your course, and gives you the opportunity to practise on the material covered during your group lessons. New material is released to the app after each lesson, which gives you dozens of extra exercises to complement your course, accessible anywhere, anytime.

Who can use it?

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Get Fluent is an app available to students in complement of their course in the following schools : 

  • Alliance Française de Sydney
  • French à la Carte – Sydney
  • Alliance Française Sunshine Coast
  • Alliance Française de Canberra
  • Macquarie University (Sydney)

Click here for more information on our partner schools.

Revision packages for Intermediate and Advanced students

Many students who decide to take a French course already have some knowledge of French, and decide to join a course at a non-beginner level, because their level of comprehension is intermediate or even advanced. For those students,  in addition to offering content matching your current course, we also offer Revision packages.

A Revision package includes dozens of exercises matching a specific level, and is available for purchase to any non-beginner student. It is very useful for students ho haven’t been exposed to French in a while, feel a bit rusty and want to brush up their basic and remember the content and grammar that they should know at the level they’re in.

Getting started

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To get more information about how to set up and use Get Fluent on your phone, tablet or computer, click here.

If you’re having trouble accessing your Get Fluent account, or are experiencing any difficulty, the answer is probably in our FAQ.

I am teacher / learning center

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If you are a language school, high school or language institution and are interested in offering Get Fluent to your students, please contact us at

You can also find more information about our product in our Schools page.

We were just remarking before class yesterday morning that the problem with all the language websites was that they were not specific to our lessons and exercise book and now, problem solved!

It is a great concept. I’ve tried the app this morning on my computer. It was very simple to use and working well and exactly related to our last lesson.

Alistair – A2 student

I find your app has been helpful for me – practicing what we are doing in class and being able to use it while I am on the train.  It’s really easy on the iPhone.  I also like that there is nothing in English!  It forces me to use French!

Jade – A1 student